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Independent Wireline Companies in the Spotlight
Independent Wireline Companies in the Spotlight

Independent Wireline Companies in the Spotlight

In a just-published magazine article on the Permian Basin wireline industry, Integrity Wireline, along with other independent wireline services, finds itself featured prominently in the coverage. Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine ran extensive quotes with Kelly Connally and Jonathan Deshler of Integrity. The publication analyzed the state of the wireline art and the challenges that confront wireline companies in a changing oilfield.

The article, entitled “Life on the Wire,” also discussed issues facing oilfield service companies in general. One theme ran throughout. It was the competition between independent wireline companies (like Integrity) and “captive” wireline teams. Captive teams: those that are part of bigger oilfield services companies like Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and the like.

Connally and Deshler made their case for the independents. These outfits continue to find their comeuppance in a marketplace that once was stampeding toward “package deals” dangled by the Bigs of the oilfield service world. But with new technology, dedicated workers, and high responsiveness, the independents keep winning contracts and gaining market share.

Other wireline teams covered in the feature included KLX Energy Services, Horizontal Wireline Service, and Bullzeye Oilfield Services.

It Pays to be an Independent Wireline Business 

Features - Reeling in the YearsWe quote from PB Oil and Gas Magazine:

“Many professionals in the well completions world, on the E&P side, being relatively new to their jobs, lack the experience of last generation’s hands. But experienced people on the services side are finding ways to step up and help fill the knowledge gap for them. Jonathan Deshler, senior vice president at Integrity Wireline, said he volunteered his own knowhow recently when he met a completions engineer out on location and learned that the man had been in this role only two years. Deshler, who has 17 years’ experience in similar capacities, shared advice that helped solve some of the engineer’s problems on site.

“Deshler said his favor was well received. ‘He [completions engineer] said, “I really appreciate that, but why would you help me to do my work?” ‘

“Deshler responded that in doing so, he (Deshler) was helping himself, and his own employer. ‘This market has become commoditized,’ Deshler said. He cited the fact that price alone dictates too much of the decision-making today. ‘If I can make your job easier, you’re less likely to go somewhere else, and we’re more valuable to you.’

“Deshler remarked that the completions engineer acknowledged the logic of that. Going on, Deshler added: ‘Let’s just not hide our motives here. I’m trying to make my company more valuable to you so that you want to keep us as your partner.'”

Integrity Wireline CEO Kelly Connally
Integrity Wireline CEO Kelly Connally

To Stand on Your Own Merits

For his own part, Integrity Wireline CEO Kelly Connally  stressed the importance that a company in the patch stand on its own merits. Said Connally: “We want our name to stand out. Also, we have all the new innovations. We want people to know that we have the full capability of going in solely as a wireline crew—not bundled in [for one overall price] as one line item in a package deal for a frac job.

“I like it as an independent because you stand alone out there. You know, you do work as a team with that frac crew, but you actually do stand alone as far as who you are out there. Your service quality stands alone, if you aren’t ‘bundled in’ with other services as part of a frac package.”

The entire article can be found here on the magazine’s website.