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At Integrity Wireline, our values are safety, reliability, and of course, INTEGRITY. These values drive everything we do. Our team’s combined 100-plus years of wireline experience give us the knowledge and confidence to execute our work. We invest in technologies and equipment that keep our people safer and improve reliability, and we invest in the people who work here–mentoring and training as we grow.


You don’t have to live in the Permian Basin
to work for Integrity Wireline!

That’s right. You do not have to live in the Permian Basin to work for Integrity. In fact, most of our employees live somewhere outside of the area. Some even live outside of the states of Texas and New Mexico.

Most of our employees work a 14-7 schedule: 14 days on and 7 days off. The 14 days on will be where the work is, but the 7 days off are wherever you want them to be. Do you know someone who wants wireline work but doesn’t want to live in Midland, Odessa, or Hobbs? Send that person the link to this page.

Map showing the counties of the Permian Basin oilfield

A Family Kind of Place

If it’s true that every company is different, then it’s also true that some differences matter more than others.

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That fact was brought out during a conversation with Integrity Wireline. The conversation was about hiring and about the kinds of qualities that companies can have that are attractive to prospective employees. Integrity’s “family feeling” was something that has proven important to so many of the employees of the company. And that family feeling can have effects that can reach beyond just day-to-day workplace affairs.

Testimonial quote by Amy LeJeune, with photo of her and her husband

Quality of Work Life

Most of our field employees stay in apartments—not motels.

One perk of working for Integrity Wireline is that our guys in the field don’t have to stay in motels. We provide them with apartments. In the past year we picked up more units in Carlsbad. We also have apartment units leased in Midland and Hobbs, and we’re always looking for more in key markets for us. Most are gated communities. Most have gyms, swimming pools, barbecue pits. All nicely furnished. Internet and cable included. No need to live out of a suitcase and get all your meals at a fast food joint. Yes, our work takes us to the frontiers of the energy biz—into the Wild West of today’s shale revolution—but that doesn’t mean we can’t find room for a little civilization. Just another way to do it all with Integrity.

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  • Great family owned company. Hard working employees....

    Melissa Hoyle
  • [Integrity's field employees stay in apartments.] It is very much appreciated!

    Robert Moon
  • I can say for certain this is very true [that there is a "family" feeling at Integrity]! Our family felt the care, compassion and love in 2017 when our son became very sick. My husband received phone calls and texts that we were being prayed for. It meant so much to us. Thank you for valuing your guys and their families! We are a family who recognizes it and appreciates it!

    Amy LeJeune
  • Great group of men right there . Company name says it all. Top notch company.

    George Werner
  • Good bunch of dudes!

    Aaron Boyce
  • Reviewed Integrity Wireline — 5 star (on Facebook)

    Shawn Bennett