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Meet the Team

Integrity Wireline LLC has more than 100 years of combined Wireline management experience. Our core experience is in the Permian Basin–but we have worked across North America–from the North Slope of Alaska to offshore Eastern Canada to deep in the heart of Texas. Team members are fully trained and certified in key areas including H2S and explosives safety and crane operations.

Our Values:




Mission Statement

Our mission is to safely deliver industry-leading efficiency by utilizing the best technology with the right people.

Our highly experienced team works hard to evolve our business to deliver the best service for our customers. We utilize cutting edge technology and hold patents for multiple efficiency- and safety-improving products we use.

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Mouse-over each Solution below to learn more about the Advantages you get with Integrity Wireline, LLC.

Greaseless Lines
We offer a variety of Greaseless Line options, to maximize efficiency
Greaseless Lines
Integrity's Greaseless Lines have a lower coefficient of friction than other lines--enabling you to run faster and pull harder. Our lines also keep your location cleaner.
Electric Trucks
If you want to run your wireline unit with electricity instead of diesel, we have the truck for you.
Electric Trucks
An Integrity Electric Truck is quieter and more reliable than a diesel-powered unit. Emissions can also be drastically reduced.
Addressable Guns
Maximize your runs per misrun with the best guns available
Addressable Guns
Integrity utilizes the most-reliable addressable gun systems there are. We stay on the cutting edge as this competitive market evolves.
Ballistic Release Tools
Don't get pumped off, and pull as hard as you can when you need to.
Ballistic Release Tools
New for 2023, Integrity has the industry's best release tools. Get all the benefits of a release tool without the misruns that typically come with them.
Customized Perforating Charges
We have what you need for your completion design, whatever your challenge may be.
Customized Perforating Charges
Integrity utilizes the newest-generation of perforating charges and shot configurations. Limited entry, oriented, equal-hole size, deep-penetrating? We can pick the right charge for your completion or shoot any charge you choose.
Rig Latches
Save Time and Improve Safety: take the man basket out of your stage work.
Rig Latches
Integrity utilizes Rig Latches to get on/off the wellhead faster and keep people safer--on the ground and out of the line of fire.


  • Kelly Connally
    Kelly Connally President, CEO

About Us

At Integrity Wireline, LLC, we value honesty, reliability, and of course, integrity. These qualities underlie everything we do. Our management team has a combined 60-plus years of experience in the oil and gas industry. This grounding equips us for a wide variety of industry related projects. Integrity Wireline operates across the state of Texas, and in bordering states as well.

Fully American owned and operated, Integrity Wireline believes in being good business partners. We always keep our promises. We take safety very seriously and make sure our team has the proper tools for each job. Our team members are crane certified, radiation certified, and H2S certified. We believe that only with knowledge and proper planning can you truly call yourself reliable.

Speaking of reliability, we believe our experience and commitment to delivering the highest quality work set us apart from the competition. We have worked with some of the world’s top energy producers. These include Apache Corporation, Approach Resources, Devon Energy, EOG Resources, Mack Energy,  Marathon Oil, Pioneer Natural Resources, Silver Hill Energy Partners, XTO Energy (Exxon-Mobil), and many others.


Safety Comes First

Keeping employees safe and secure is so important at Integrity Wireline that we begin every company meeting with a report and a conversation on safety. That’s one reason why our safety rating is so high. Our stellar safety performance is also a reason why we are employed by some of the biggest and most rigorously stringent oil companies in the industry. Their own safety rating benefits from our strong safety rating.

But it’s not for the money that we do it. It’s for the employees we care so much about. “We would bubble wrap them if we could,” says Safety Manager Kit Payne. Well, that’s not possible. But short of that, we do everything we can. See why it matters so much and why we measure our own integrity by how we protect our workers.



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