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Windwalker Farms greets you like a remote outpost, an enclave set down in the midst of a massive expanse of sun, sky, and windswept plains. Here, amidst cotton fields and sprawling oil leases, there exists this oasis of recreation. This sporting clays facility is a dot of civilization in what would otherwise be just yet more miles of countryside and nature. We’re 20 miles east of Midland and about 7 miles northwest of Stanton.

On this particular day, September 20, Windwalker Farms is abuzz with activity. You drive under the big entrance arch. You go another quarter mile to where the line of parked pickup trucks tells you that you need to find your spot. How did so many people descend on a place so far from anything else? You hike in from there. It seems it’s a quarter mile of parked vehicles—hundreds of them—that you trudge past to get to the pavilion where everyone’s readying for their starting times.

Integrity Wireline has sent two teams of shooters this day to compete in the Faces of Freedom Sporting Clays Tournament. It’s a charitable cause aimed at helping deserving veterans receive service dogs—at no cost to the veteran.

Integrity has ponied up the entry fees for its teams—thereby giving to the cause. The costs for just one team competing is measured in thousands of dollars. But it’s for a great cause.

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, a long-time partner and customer of Integrity Wireline, is the lead sponsor of this event. In fact, several EOG professionals are competing today in teams fielded by Integrity. There are others, too, who have been welcomed. For instance, Jim Auld, of WPX Energy, is another friend of this company. He shoots with the Integrity bunch as well.

We don’t have a complete list of all participants. The turnout was great. But anyone viewing the images in our photo gallery is sure to see, in some photo or another, everyone whom Integrity sponsored and hosted.

Here’s how the nonprofit known as Freedom Service Dogs describes its fundraiser, called Faces of Freedom:

“The Faces of Freedom Sporting Clays Tournament was founded in 2013 by Core Laboratories. They are a core and fluid analysis company that serves the petroleum industry. In 2016, the tournament expanded to the Midland, Texas, region. Proceeds from Faces of Freedom benefit Operation Freedom, a program of Freedom Service Dogs. Operation Freedom helps veterans and military personnel with disabilities regain their independence and return to their communities. To date, more than $1 million has been raised through this sporting clay tournament.”

Our thanks go to everyone who made the trip to Windwalker and helped us do our part to benefit these veterans. You are appreciated.

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